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In preparation for its 2022 Conference, CMA invites speakers to propose sessions on topics such as equitable practices among artists and organizations, trends in online audience engagement, innovations in digital technology and streaming services, creative pandemic recovery efforts, or other topics relevant to the field.

Proposals should have clear objectives with tangible takeaways relevant to the ensemble music community. Proposals should not promote or sell products and/or services. 

In conjunction with CMA’s equity initiatives, consideration will be given only to session proposals whose panels are representative of the variety of races, genders, and abilities that comprise the professionals active in today’s chamber music field. 

NOTE: As of June 2021, the conference is scheduled to take place in person in New York City, January 6-9, 2022. If circumstances prevent an in-person conference, CMA may hold the sessions virtually as we did during the 2021 Conference. As you consider applying for this opportunity, please be aware that, if selected, you may be asked to present in person in New York City or online. CMA will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Lecture (with a single speaker) or Panel Discussion (with one moderator and up to three panelists)

The proposal must include:

  • session title and format;
  • short description of session deliverables;
  • proposed participant names as well as a 50-word biography and headshot for each participant;
  • special considerations or needs.

If a proposal is selected for presentation, the moderator will be responsible for organizing the session and must participate in one pre-conference orientation call with CMA staff.

NOTE: If your proposal is accepted, moderators and panelists will receive complimentary registration to the conference.

CMA will assign session times and include the session description and panelist bios in the conference program materials. 

DEADLINE: Friday, August 6, 2021, 9:00 PM ET

  • Create a free Submittable account or log in to your existing Submittable account.
  • You may type directly into the online form or draft your responses in an offline document and cut/paste your information into the online application.
  • To save the work you have done on your application, you must click the "Save Draft" button at the bottom of the form before exiting. You may return to your saved application to continue working on it by following the log-in instructions. CMA recommends that you also save your draft in an offline document as a backup.
  • Upload required files to online application.
  • When the application is complete, click “Submit.”
  • CMA will confirm receipt via email.

Conference: conference@chamber-music.org
Technical: Submittal Help Center

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.